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3 Strong Female Youtubers That l Look Up To


Hey lovelies! I hope you are all having a great week. l thought l would share with you all, three of my favourite YouTubers that l look up to! Of course, they all happen to be women because l am all about being a strong, independent woman!

Being an individual who likes to do things for a purpose, it was inevitable that when scouting YouTube, l was looking to gain something. Whilst l love watching videos for fun on YouTube, l also believe that if used correctly, it is a platform where l can gain a lot in many different ways.

For instance, l have learnt to plait my own braids, maintain my fabulous African hair, and keep my self motivation going strong, all from YouTube. 

Being a late bloomer to YouTube and all, it has taken me a very long time to find YouTubers whose videos l can actually learn from. My mini list below is in no particular order as these women have all taught me different things at different points of my life. 

Please do check them out if you have time as well.

Patricia Bright

I first discovered Patricia during my early University days and l have been hooked ever since!

Anyone reading this who has been a long time Patricia fan will remember the video she posted about Enemies of Progress. I never shut up about Patricia after that! I don’t think l had heard the term enemies of progress before that video, but as soon as l heard it, everything clicked into place. She inspired me to really think about my life and what l wanted to get out of it.

Her videos are mainly about Beauty and Fashion but it was her Advice and Career videos that hooked me right in. She recently began posting more review videos for various websites such as River Island, Wish, Romwe and many more! She is definitely worth checking out if you are a beauty/fashion lover or just looking for that once in a while motivational video!


Nissy Tee

 I’ve been subscribed to Nissy for some time now. Majority of her videos are motivational! She recently started a new series called Wakeup Wednesday where she has a sit down motivational chat. Her chats vary around topics like, focus, confidence, happiness and many more!

As well as this, she also vlogs and uploads other random videos. Coming from a Christian family like Nissy herself, it’s very interesting to listen to her views on different topics such as her faith. She is very open and honest about her faith journey and l always enjoy watching those particular videos. She’s definitely worth checking out if you’re like me and need that constant boost of motivation every now and then.


Adanna and David are a married couple living in Ireland who post weekly vlogs on their channel. I am more drawn to Adanna’s motivational videos. This is where she sits down and gives such great advice on topics such as confidence, positivity and success. Her aim is to empower other women that they can be anything they want to be. If you are all about being a confident woman, she is one to check out as well.


What YouTubers do you look up to or are you inspired by? Comment below and let me know!

I am constantly looking to read new articles. If you are a blogger, leave your blog below and l will check it out!


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