What does it mean to “Be Myself”?

Personally, being me signifies being the driver of my life and defining who l am in my very own unique way.

Very often, we fail to be ourselves in three ways:

– Loving the parts of us that only society sees as “lovable”

– Accepting the parts of ourselves that society deems as “acceptable”

– Defining ourselves through the eyes of society

As you are reading, you might be thinking – “MJ what on earth are you talking about because this isn’t me at all” – and that is perfectly fine!

How l failed myself

However, l also know that a lot of us fall into this trap without knowing we are in it. I will be first to admit, l was in this bubble a few months ago. I was unknowingly so lost in trying to perfect myself to society’s expectations and trying to look like l was this young lady who had everything together and was living life. Yet the truth is l wasn’t. I had forgotten what it felt like to just live life for me. I was happy with the people around me but l loathed myself and everything about me. The misery within me began slowly eating at me days at a time with these proceeding into months.

Realising what l had gotten myself into

It was a chilly November afternoon last year when, out of nowhere, a bulb lit up inside my head! I grabbed a pen and scribbled down “Beeing You” and with this, l poured my heart and soul out on paper. After this, little by little, day by day, it began to dawn upon me that it was virtually impossible to try and please society at the expense of my own happiness. The saddest thing was that it had taken me so long to realise that l had been doing it. We are constantly bombarded with instagram, twitter and snapchat posts that show others to have a “perfect life”. Society tells us that “tall and skinny” is the new beautiful, feeling emotion is seen as “being sensitive“, men showing emotion is a sign of “weakness” and plenty more.

Society and what l saw on social media was slowly brainwashing me and making me hate every beautiful thing inside me. My confidence was plummeting and l became a tortoise crawling back into my shell.

Finding a solution

The two words “Beeing You” made me realise that this wasn’t me at all. I wasn’t the bubbly, confident, always smiling and laughing MJ. l was simply existing and not living.

I knew things needed to change.

l needed to focus on being the best version of myself solely for me.

With these realisations came a start to my “Beeing Me” journey which l strongly believe consist of the following three stages:

– Loving ourselves wholeheartedly

– Accepting ourselves just as we are

– Defining who we are in our own unique way

Why l started writing again

In a society where a lot of people struggle to find themselves, l want to remind everyone that it is okay to just be you.

It’s okay to be different and it’s completely okay to not be everyone’s cup of tea.

So accept yourself, love yourself and define who you are. You are perfect for you and we wouldn’t be here if it was believed that we were anything less.

Welcome to Bee~ing You. 

Where l encourage us all to inspire others through our perfect imperfections. It is through our imperfections, that the true beauty within is formed.


Lots of love,